Why are we the only ones who don't appear to be able to access supersonic fast broadband??

In this age of superfast broadband connections and supersonic laptops, notebooks, ipads, how are we still suffering with 'the broadband black spot'?

It is hard to believe that it still happens, or maybe we are just carrying out our business in a broadband 'black spot', but yes sometimes we do indeed still have moments of the broadband 'going down'.

Those words that I have come to dread from our team in the office, 'we are re-booting the router....again'.  Being the remote worker, whilst I have immediate sympathy with their frustration, there is literally nothing I can do to assist other than to scream 'HOW IS THIS HAPPENING AGAIN'?? Of course no one can respond because no one knows the answer, and sure enough after a frustrating 10 minutes everyone is back online again and the moments of off-line gloom quickly forgotten as work is quickly caught up on. 

Of course each time we have returned to our internet provider and posed the above question at varying levels of intonation, but other than busying themselves ticking various boxes about how long we had been down for, what our upload/download speed is etc etc, they ultimately don't have a clue themselves.  Who does infact have a clue, that is what I would like to know? It can only be some inaccessible computer out there in the ether somewhere.  Definitely no one human.

As a remote secretary, I can work from home with my safe broadband connection, that, unless the kids want to watch Netflix (weekends, and when I am feeling an indulgently generous parent only!), is nice and stable, just right for me to get my work done.

So I will continue to offer my utmost sympathy and support to our hardworking patient team in the office, but ultimately only the fabled broadband genie really knows what on earth is going on!

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