Our video review of time-keeping app Harvest

This the second video we have launched to look into different apps on the market that are designed to help businesses with some of the common headaches they face.

Last week we looked at an app called Receipt Bank.

This week Chris is reviewing an app called Harvest:

A lot of businesses we speak to, small, medium and large, say a headache for them is keeping track of time on certain projects and jobs that they carry out. Whether that be a individual who acts for lots of clients are a company with multiple staff that acts a subcontractor such as digital marketing or website design.

A lot of these clients work to fixed fees, agreed with their client from the start. Therefore, team managers need to keep tabs on how much of that budget is remaining. This information needs to be available in real-time so they can plan and react effectively.

Harvest allows you and your staff to record the time spent on a project in real-time, allowing management to make these decisions.

It turns these reports into intuitive visual graphics to make reviewing them easier in a rush. It allows you to set hourly charge out rates, which can be changed accordingly per member of staff. It also sends automated reminders, to let you know when you are close to your budget. 

You also track your time however suits you best, whether by stopwatch or timesheets, daily or weekly and this can be done from anywhere, from your phone, tablet or laptop which means you aren’t left trying to recall what you have done 2 or 3 days ago, if you have been out of the office for a few days.

Invoicing can then be done through the app, which when linked to a cloud-based accounting software, syncs automatically. So any invoices raised in Harvest are then imported directly to your accounting software.

As with Receipt Bank, Harvest also has a free trial available. With this and a 20-minute set up, if you feel any of theses difficulties are issues you face, Harvest would definitely be worth downloading.

If you would like to discuss this app or any other cloud accounting apps then please do not hesitate to email Chris at chris.howells@langricks.com Next time we will be reviewing an app called Unleashed, which looks at stock management and how it can integrate with your accounting software.

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