New HMRC Advisory Fuel Rates for Company Vehicles

Any business that has company cars needs to be aware of the new HMRC advisory rates that came into effect on September 1, 2016.

The rates are only to be used for employees being reimbursed for business travel using their company car or for employees paying for private mileage in their company car.

The old rates can be used for a maximum of one month following the implementation of the new rates.

New Rates (from September 1)


1400cc or less: 11p

1401cc - 2000cc: 13p

Over 2000cc


1600cc or less: 9p

1601cc - 2000cc: 11p

Over 2000cc 13p


1400cc or less: 7p

1401cc - 2000cc: 9p

Over 2000cc: 13p

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