Hurry! New businesses and start ups need to access the Government funding before it runs out

According Lord Young in today's webinar there is £20 million 'in the pot' for new businesses and start ups to access business growth advice from accredited advisers.

£400,000 of growth vouchers have already been paid out, so DO NOT DELAY!

Lord  Young and the Government's idea with this initiative is to support new businesses with their initial growth by putting them in touch with the advisers who have the necessary skills to help reach the next level.

Lord Young was asked in today's webinar what he thought was the most important bit of advice for new businesses, he said the 3 most important principles are "cash flow, cash flow, cash flow".

Langricks are accredited advisers on the Growth Voucher programme, we can assit with your cash flow and much more besides.  Click on the following link, then on Advisers at the top and search for us by our postcode WA16 8GS.  Or get in touch directly and we will advise you on how you can access repayment of our fees through the Growth Voucher programme:

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